Humanitarian help in Latin America

Help us

We are friends who have traveled a great part of America’s continent, exploring and sharing with a lot of people that have opened their homes and have helped us to complete our goals and dreams during our trips.

Now we want to give back all the support we have received. Through this independent and autonomous humanitarian mission, without political ideology and no help from any government, we assist isolated and low income communities to have a better quality of life providing water purification filters so that they have drinkable water. Also educating the younger generation to be self sustaining, and to take care of the environment.

What we do

We travel from Colorado USA, to Patagonia Argentina taking water purification filters and installing them in one or more communities in each country of Latin America we visit.

We are also taking non-perishable food to collaborate and help with the diet and nutrition of humble people, teaching different techniques to minimize pollution and waste production, promoting recycling and reusing of plastic products.

How we do it

We get the filters from WavesforWater Foundation, who designed drinkable water filters to provide different independent humanitarian projects like us, with donations from many people who visit their web site, where people can choose different courier projects going on all around the word.

We also receive donations in this site so we can cost our mission. The food is donated too and we collect it from different points or donation centers on our way, also from particular people, companies or corporations.

How we travel

This trip and humanitarian mission takes us to some of the roughest roads on the continent.

We bought an extended cab four wheel drive truck to load a slide in camper where we can live and a trailer that we have a motorcycle, generator and various tools, materials and food to use in specific communities which we are helping.

Nos financiamos con nuestro dinero y a través de las donaciones...


We support this mission with our money and donations we receive from people, businesses or corporations in our America Extrema Solidaria bank account and paypal account we can buy filters, gasoline, food, also we pay tolls, repairs and other resources for our mission.

We are also selling America Extrema Solidiaria Tour Latina America t-shirts to help with part of the cost for the trip.

Non profit fund certificate


The contributions with money or resources, can be made for people or businesses. In a persons case the contributions can be whatever is possible within minimum and maximum limits. In the business case the minimum contribution is $100.00 usd (which is equivalent to the cost of 2 water filters, and in exchange we'll print a decal with logo and company's name and we'll put it on our truck with camper and trailer that we move on our America Extrema trip through all of latin America.This gives exposure for the businesses and also the weekly publications on America Extrema Solidaria Facebook and Instagram postings and interviews during the trip throughout 2019/20.

Selection of Communities

First we chose a community which we can help with filters so we coordinate the work to be done.

Starting with communities in Mexico we speak with leaders to find out what are the most urgent necessities (drinking water, housing, food, or health)


Participation of volunteers in each country is consider, one at a time.

To help with specific skills or knowledge to help us enter the local communities that need help.Those who volunteer have room to travel in the truck, camping supplies and food included


America Extrema began eight years ago as an online multimedia platform with the objective of share travel experiences, adventure, action sports and Nature beauty.

  • My interests as a journalist and traveler took me to share intercultural experiences as wide and as long of the north and south American continent, after experiencing the trip from Colorado U.S. to Argentina in 2012. It was a period of seven months to explore and travel across different countries and cultures which gave me the possibilitie of better understand the social and cultural diversity of a big part of the Latin American nations.

  • After that amazing trip shared with friends and a lot of people on social networks and the need to keep exploring, meeting people and connecting with different friends and travelers from other countries whom, same as me, still explore and try to understand where we came from, what identify us as latinamericans and understand why our countries are still undeveloped, in constant social revolutions and economic crisis. It’s evident that most of the reasons of this undevelopment that we see is due to the high level of political corruption and constant imbalance of the national and regional economies. Traveling is so good but you have to deal with a lot of things that make you suffer, like homeless people, poverty, hunger, violence and more.

  • Trying to know and learn more about our continent I realized different trips through various countries of south america, so it comes the opportunity to connect the three Americas. This time on a motorcycle and taking different roads through different countries and different directions, from Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia Argentina, to Alaska in the United States. Uniting the extremes of South and North America. This last trip gave me possibilities to get in contact directly with the people on the street because the motorcycle is slower but agil and light, so it allows me to enter places that are not accessible with regular vehicles.

  • For example traveling through northeast of Brazil and the Amazon where i could see some communities still isolated from urban population, without drinking water and and any other services, living with what they catch or hunt in the jungle or some minimal assistance from the government.The same happens in some regions of Venezuela, Central America and south of Mexico where the problem of lack of drinkable water affects 70% of the population.

  • The first objective of this trip was to unite the extremes of the Americas which I completed when I arrived to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska. Now going "back home” arises an objective which is more important, to give back the help and love we received during all of our trips and help people that need a better quality of life, fair and supportive with those that don't have the opportunities that we had. This is how America Extrema Solidaria (AXs) was born.